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Verification of technology potential

Polish universities and enterprises are characterized by great innovative potential, which we support. In response to market demand, our fund effectively streamlines the transition from conceptual phase of the project through implementation to market success. As part of the verification of the potential of the submitted projects, PIBiR prepares four key groups of analysis: technological, market, patent and financial analysis.

Technological analysis

When preparing a technology assessment, our team of analysts conducts market research to compare a technology with its competitors and verify existing art and trends. This study is usually the first and one of the most important stages of the project’s potential check. By analyzing scientific articles and market reports from a given area, we try to determine what can happen to a given solution over a period of 3-5 years. This allows us to determine whether there is no real danger in the near future limiting further development of the invention. Using our experience and analysis, we are able to determine whether the technology we are dealing with is unique on an international scale.

Market analysis

The Polish Institute of Research and Development provides comprehensive market analysis tailored to the needs of each project. Our analyzes cover both the present situation in the market as well as the trends in its future development. We carry out a detailed verification of competing entities and products. We have the competence to identify the markets that are optimal for selling the analyzed technologies and their products.

Patent analysis

To make the start-up technology protected against copying, we suggest strong patent protection. Examination of patentability allows us to ascertain whether such protection is possible and to what extent. Based on the analysis of domestic and foreign patent bases, we determine what steps need to be taken to avoid patent conflicts. By introducing a modification of the patent specification or modifying the construction of the invention itself. The result of our analysis are proposals for the most appropriate forms of protection of research and development results, as well as indication of possible commercialization pathways.

The financial model

The final element of the pre-financing analysis is the development of a financial model and operational plan with milestones for progress in start-up’s. Technological solutions are developed business models. Once the needs identified at the business concept modeling stage are identified, an analysis is made to identify potential customers and industrial partners.