GE Industry Program

The Polish Institute of Research and Development, as an investment fund supporting projects in the industrial field, encourages start-ups to take part in the General Electric Industry Program competition and invites them to cooperate in fields:

  • we will help prepare for participation in the Programme, and
  • we will invest in the most attractive project.

GE Digital Industry Program selects the best teams from Europe with experience in advanced data analysis and optimization, to face together with technological challenges of GE or its customers. The new products will contribute to the development of Predix® platform and will be implemented at the customer’s premises.

In the competition you should provide a solution for one of the 7 problems:

  1. Prediction tool for controllable boiler losses — design a tool predicting the improvement potential of coal power plant efficiency, based on historical operation data of boilers.
  2. Logistics quality improvement — build a predictive model able to collect, process, analyze and visualize operational data in order to reduce non-quality and non-conformity.
  3. Energy management for multiple assets — optimize energy consumption and production through a large scale energy management system of multiple assets.
  4. Optimized transportation solution — optimize transportation to help Eilat’s citizens and visitors travel from and to the airport.
  5. Production optimization for LPG cylinders — optimize production of new liquefied petroleum gas cylinders thanks to newly available tracking data.
  6. Industrial printers reliability index — develop an AI-enabled reliability index for HP industrial printers, based on manufacturing parameters, field and printer usage data, structured and unstructured.
  7. Stock optimization — build a stock management interface in order to predict and optimize on site capacity and control the costs generated by the warehouse.

Call for applications open until Oct 23, 2017.

Teams who would like to receive substantial and business support and subsequent project financing before applying for the GE programme are welcome to contact us: Aleksandra Donocik,, phone +48 512 262 418.