About us

The Polish Institute of Research and Development (PIBiR) is a fund aimed at supporting the commercialization of research results and their transfer to the economy. The purpose of PIBiR’s activities is to help scientists and entrepreneurs to develop innovative technology companies. We actively support our portfolio companies in gaining external funding for product development and international expansion.


We believe that the best solutions result from an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. For this reason, our team is comprised of people who specialize in various fields and have a variety of interests: engineers, biotechnologists, mathematicians, economists, finance professionals and others. Our team is open to new and unique perspectives. We keep our knowledge up to date. For every project we come with enthusiasm and new energy. Our entire team is passionate about science and innovation.



We cooperate with technology transfer centers, innovation brokers, industrial production companies, Polish and foreign funds, individual investors and media partners. We cooperate with experts and scientists from all over Poland, as well as from Israel. In addition, we work with institutions such as PSI, DESY, the Helmholtz Institute, and the International Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.