Polish scientists come up with great ideas which could be transformed into new technology – we are interested in all kinds of innovation. We know that only strong and frank cooperation between scientists and business can change the world around us.


In our opinion, Polish universities and businesses have a high innovative potential which has not yet been directly translated to the number of deployments for business. It often results from difficulties in obtaining professional advisory services in the area of technological analysis that reliably determine the potential for commercialization and the risk associated with the possible implementation of the proposed project. Thanks to high financial expenditures for research and development projects many of the initiatives have acquired funding in last years. However it should be noted that there are many projects that are struggling with difficulties posed by the clash of the current market situation and the expectations of industry and consumers for finished products and services.
Polski potencjał
In response to the current needs Polish Institute of Research and Development was established. We effectively carry out the whole process of transition from conceptual phase of the project, through implementation to the final market success. We believe the trend directly connected with increasing number of companies and initiatives involved in the development of new products and solutions based on highly advanced technologies prepared in the country will grow and will show accelerated pace in the coming years, which will be the result of our activities, as an entity supporting the processes related to the technology transfer.


Polish Institute of Research and Development is engaged in development work, of both industrial and scientific sector. As part of our work we carry out the analyses in many fields of science, such as chemistry, biology, electronics, robotics, medicine, energy, ecology, transport, information technology, electronics and much more. Due to the large diversity of interests and specialization of our team members we stand out with multidimensional perspective on discussed issues. We believe that an open approach to the issue may give rise to new and unusual solutions. In this way we are able to work very efficiently in many different areas of science and business.



Metamaterials are characterized by unique properties which are not found in nature. In the case of the technology the idea is about their laevorotatory, i.e. negative refraction index for a specific wavelength of electromagnetic radiation. Practical use of metamaterials allows, for example, to create the perfect anti-radar camouflage or antennas with previously unattainable characteristics. Presented nanoceramic materials stand out from other similar inventions which are still in the initial phase of development. New materials have a very high parameters and natural structure, which so far has not been achieved.


The technology allows to create formulations of ethyl esters of Omega-3 from plant material. Purity of the preparation obtained with prepared method which allows to classify the solution to the pharmaceuticals, or dietary supplements with very high quality. The developed method can also recover fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-9.


The presented technology relates to the creation of a fully autonomous, multi-purpose robot that can be used for inspection, military and sapper works. The construction of this type of robots are used in highly developed technologies in areas such as microelectronics, materials engineering, neural networks, precision mechanics etc. The presented solution replaced man in many dangerous situations, effectively defeating the difficult areas on a current basis by analyzing the surrounding environment including tasks such as: land mine clearance, reconnaissance, search for victims of the fire, to participate in the clashes on the battlefield.