PIBiR’s offer consists of three main groups of services: technical analysis, market analysis and obtain external funding for projects. Our goal is to commercialize knowledge, as well as increase the potential application of research results.



During the preparation of the assessment for a given technology, our team of analysts carries out reliable research to examine the current state of the art for a particular invention or solution. This test is usually the first and one of the most important steps of technology assessment process. By analyzing different kinds of materials, scientific reports, statements of experts, practitioners and representatives of the industry we are trying to determine what might happen with the solution in 5, 10, or even 20 years. Thanks to this we are able to determine whether, in the near future there won’t appear a real threat limiting the further development of the invention, and thus the outcome of commercialization of R&D phase.



Thanks to our experience, knowledge and many hours of analyses, we are able to determine whether given technology is innovative or not. We are able to answer a question whether the topic is in the current state of the art or its further development. Our team also has competencies in the comparison of the different technologies and its positioning on the background of the trends and the environment. In this way we are able to determine whether a given solution will arouse the interest of science or business.


We have a wide experience in conducting analyzes of patent and purity. For this purpose, we conduct accurate research of many patent databases – national, international and global. On this basis, we are able to determine what steps should be taken to avoid conflicts among patents. Sometimes it is necessary to modify patent description, or to change the structure of the invention itself.


Our team provides consultancy services in the area of the designing of the final solution, developed on the basis of previous results obtained in the client’s project. We offer consultations and analyzes of potential results that could achieve commercial success in the future. Issued recommendations are based on a thorough analysis of the needs and trends which occurrence in the state of the art, typical for the industry. Our experience in cooperation with companies from various industries enables us to think in a non-obvious and highly creative way. Thanks to that, the chances of carrying out the implementation by our customer increases greatly.


Polish Institute of Research and Development offers a comprehensive market analysis adjusted to each of the clients’ needs. Our analyses include identifying both present situation on the market, as well as its development trend We conduct detailed verification of competitors. It is within the scope of our competence to determine the optimal markets for technologies and products. For this purpose we create the reports emphasizing the following aspects:


The political situation in a given country and the prospects of any changes, the position of the state on the international arena, political and military alliances, the threat of potential conflicts of internal or external barriers preventing them from carrying business;


The social situation in the given country, the existence of internal conflicts on ethnic background, religious, demographic issues, urbanization of the country;


The economic situation in a given country, including:: gross domestic product, GDP per capita, economic growth, inflation, trade relations on the international arena, the export and import issues, the threat of a possible collapse of the economy.


The business models are one of the most important analyses carried out by market analysts team of PIBiR. Developed models are based on the “classic” business modeling, as well as business model canvas. The possible project developments are examined, depending on the assumptions of investment and operating conditions as well as price sensitivity. Thanks to presented proposals we are able to describe several paths of project development, as well as their business value.


To consider the possibility of commercialization of the invention, it is necessary to examine the data on a given market – its size and development opportunities, demand and supply. The next step is to determine a strategy of intellectual property rights protection for the identified markets, and then to determine commercialization strategies for technologies analyzed in the context of the possibility of commercialization of intellectual property and the sale of final products.

It should be emphasized that in the reality of today’s global economy, competitiveness has become one of the most important determinants of prospects and assess of the functioning of the company, brand, product on the market, and is also seen as a development determinant. In the area of commercialization of innovative technologies, competitive technology is often one of the most important factors influencingthe decision to start the process of commercialization.


We prepare a commercialization strategy on client’s request. After specifying the needs that have been identified at the stage of the creating business concept, we carry out the analysis presenting the ideal customer and partners. Next step is to conduct search for industrial partners and organization of interviews with selected entities. After this process partner for the project is selected.


The Department of EU Projects offers comprehensive servicesin obtaining funds from national, EU and other source of funding for the R&D projects with a high potential for application. We are looking for funding for the implementation of the research and development projects results. We procure funds for all interested entities provided that it will prove the high potential for innovation.

Our activities allow us to verify the financial needs and determine the organizational and innovation ability to realization of the project, as well as the eligibility of expenditure in the planned project. Within the framework of the analysis we show the possibilities and chances to secure financing, we also present the optimal plan of action since the preparation of the necessary documents to the submission of the final application for funding.

We help to write an application for funding and all the necessary applicant documents such as: business plan feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, etc. We analyze the applications already written in terms of formal and substantive irregularities. We work out financially and support projects that have received funding. We also support the activities which prepare to sign a financing contract. In case of lack of a positive evaluation of the proposal, we will prepare the appropriate protest and appeal. We will negotiate changes in the project as well.