Science is a source of knowledge that makes possible the creation of new solutions; in order to build a strong technology we connect scientists and industry.


Scientific understanding of reality allows to create technologies that can radically change the world. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to extensively understand the context in which these technologies exist. Finding a suitable niche for a technology can determine whether the results of years of research go beyond the laboratory. This requires a multidisciplinary approach in the perception of the technology, taking into account not only the scientific view of the invention, but also the extent to which it can alter reality in its various, in particular economic, political and social aspects.


Polish Institute of Research and Development (PIBiR) is an organization established for supporting the commercialization process and other forms of transfer of new technologies into the economy. We are a group of analysts creating complementary teams – technical analysis department, market analysis department and EU projects department. We are constantly increasing our knowledge by participation in further training courses, business meetings and conferences. We approach each and every project with enthusiasm and new energy.

The aim of the Polish Institute of Research and Development is to support Polish scientists and companies in developing their ability for creating and using development works that directly translate into innovation.

The main task of the Polish Institute of Research and Development is to promote new technological solutions and actively participate as a partner in the process of commercialization. In order to accomplish these tasks, we create a comprehensive market and technology analysis. We also provide services relating to the acquisition of EU grants and other sources of funding for R&D projects and for implementation process.

We cooperate with many manufacturing companies, Polish and foreign funds which are specializing in the financing and in the implementation process, as well as individual investors and media partners. We work with experts, researchers and analysts from Bialystok, Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw, as well as Tel Aviv. We also work with institutions such as the PSI, DESY, Helmholtz Institute, and the International Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.


We believe that the best solutions result from consideration of the problem from many different angles. We value an interdisciplinary, innovative, non-obvious approach which could help to solve the problems. Therefore, we have team of people who specialize in different areas and with different interests: engineers, biotechnologists, mathematicians, economists, financial experts, philosophers and others. Our team is open to new and unique perspectives.
Our employees are unique individuals, but every day they work with the same passion for creating innovations and for changing reality at its all possible levels. We are proud of our courage and boldness to reject clichés and with the awareness that sometimes, in order to be right, you must admit that the assumptions were wrong. Members of our team are fans of inventiveness who love to create and collaborate with each other thus bringing the benefits for our investors, partners and customers.


Elżbieta Jamrozy and Michał Olszacki believe in the potential of Polish inventors. Their many years’ experience gained by working in a variety of domestics and foreign R&D centers allows them to set targets for the Polish technology and industry. Moreover, they have experience of working in industry and run their own businesses. Together they designed and launched the Science and Technology Park in Świerk.


Kamil Przybysz has been directing the work of the Team for 2 years. Together with Sylwia Matuszewska, Wojciech Majewski, Paweł Kapliński and Marek Romanowski they scrutinize technological considerations for the commercialization potential of the invention. Moreover, they prepare IP analysis (Freedom to Operate) and develop strategies for IP protection.


The head of the Department is Przemyslaw Lahuta. He has been working in the Polish Institute of Research and Development since 2012. He works with Mateusz Piaścik, Anna Stepniak, Piotr Chłopaś, Marcin Jarzynowski and Adam Czogalla. Jointly they develop a comprehensive analyses of the global market.


The employees of this team are: Alicja Borowik, Agata Skoczylas and Sławomir Kijewski. Jointly they prepare funding applications for the most innovative projects from the various fields of science.